Herefordshire Triathlon - Competitor Information and Start List

Dear competitors

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the annual Herefordshire Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.   This email contains all of the information that you need but please just get in touch if you've got any questions.  We hope you have a fun and enjoyable race. 

The start list is here - START LIST

The race at Leominster Leisure Centre, Conningsby Street, Leominster, HR6 8LL.

The car parks, transition area and changing rooms will be open from 7.45am on race day (earlier than first published). 

There are two very large pay and display car parks within 100 metres of transition.  If you are arriving before 0845 please park at at Earl Mortimer College, South Street, Leominster, HR6 8JJ.  If you are arriving after 0845 please park at the leisure centre - HR6 8LL  The transition area is outside the college so please be careful if you are leaving the car park whilst other competitors are racing. Please make sure that you buy a ticket from the machines as normal charges will apply.

What to do when you arrive

- Park your car and buy a parking ticket

- Go to registration which is based outside the leisure centre - you will need your start number and must register before entering transition

- At registration you will be given your race numbers and a numbered sticker for your bike - this needs to be attached straight away. You will also be given your chip which needs to be attached to your ankle with the velcro strap.  Please do not lose it or take it home with you.  The chips will be collected in at the end of the race.  Failure to hand in the chip will result in a fine. 

- Go to transition where you will have your race number, bike and helmet checked.  The marshals in transition will show you where to rack your bike.  Bags and boxes are not allowed to be placed next to your bike, there is a secure area where you can leave them in transition

What to do before you race

- You need to register and collect your number at least 45 minutes before your start time. 

-  You need to be on poolside at least 15 minutes before your start time. The start list is attached and will be displayed at registration. 

   The start list is organised according to your estimated swim time.  It is now finalised and cannot be changed. We can't make amendments on the day of the race. 

 - On poolside you will be given a safety briefing.  A few minutes before your start time you will be asked to go to the lane on poolside and you will be given a coloured swimming hat to wear.  You       can wear your own if you prefer but hats are compulsory.  

- The race maps and further instructions are on our website. Just go to and head to the race page. 

Things to remember

- Earphones or any devices worn in the ear (apart from prescription hearing aids) are not allowed to be worn at any point during the race.

- Helmets must be on your head and done up before you take your bike off the racking and worn for the entire bike section.  They cannot be removed until you have racked your bike. 

- At the turn-around point at the pub in Docklow there is a mandatory foot-down point.  You will need to unclip and place your foot on the ground before you push off again. There will be marshals     there to assist you. 

- Please do not use a mobile phone whilst you are taking part in the race.

- Drafting, cycling too close behind or next to another competitor, is not allowed in triathlon.  More information on the drafting rules will be available at registration. 

- Supporters are not allowed to accompany competitors around the course either in a vehicle, on a bike or on foot. 

- The weather forecast for Sunday is currently 19 degrees with sunshine and cloud so please bring lots of water with you and make sure that you are protected against the sun.

We promise to give you an old-fashioned, fun and friendly race. We'll have smiling marshals, a cafe and lots of toilets. There are more than 60 people, all volunteers, who are marshaling the course and they will keep you safe and on the right course.    If you have any questions on the day please ask any of the marshals.  Marion Mogg, our British Triathlon official, will be in transition throughout the day to make sure that the race is run fairly. 

See you on Sunday

Hereford Triathlon Club 

Posted on June 27, 2017 .